Podcast Producer. Writer. Former Teacher. Education Consultant. Playlist maker- who almost always wants to talk to you about music.

Photo by Arius Reynoso for  Herspawn

Photo by Arius Reynoso for Herspawn


Alexis Haut

Hey! I’m Alexis Haut. I am a podcast producer and consultant, writer and education consultant based in Crown Heights. I spent seven years teaching, leading teachers and coaching basketball in middle schools in Brooklyn and Newark before independently producing my first podcast series New York, I Love You But You’ve Changed in 2018. I also produced the 2019 B Free Award Winning podcast, Appropriate: Stories from the Grey Area of Consuming Culture. I now work on other people’s podcasts, write about music and provide curriculum and professional development support for schools throughout the city.

I love hip hop, watching TV shows as soon as they air (I hate being left out of cultural conversations), Rihanna, New York Magazine (I’ve read every issue published since 2007), summer in Brooklyn, making playlists, wearing multiple patterns at the same time, journalism, music, music journalism and telling you my opinions about these and other topics. 

I value connecting IRL, community (joining and building) and working on any and all projects that prioritize equity and culture. Hit me up if you want to work together.




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